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obama kissing a man fake video

obama kissing a man fake video

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Comment by happinesswillson on March 6, 2015 at 4:43am

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Comment by Melvin on April 11, 2014 at 2:55pm

Yes Jerry my eyes are wide open and I don't expect your opinion to ever change after all it is a part of your cultural conditioning. As far as you confusing me is concerned, your attempts to influence my attitudes and programming are disguised with lies and racial bias. You would better serve your country by promoting unity rather than mistrust and misinformation. Even now you you speak with condesending arrogance and you attempt  to suggest that you are intellectually superior and I therefore would never be able to understand the depth of your vast knowledge and experience. But you have yet to present a single fact to support your irresponsible racist accusations....And you actually believe that you are "confusing me with the truth"? Well Jerry, " I can see that your mind is already made up so I will no longer attempt to confuse you with the truth" either. And by the way, we black Americans have also "served our country" for 400+  years of 16 hour work days, 6 days per week, under the threat of  certain death or worse,  with no acknowledgement, or compensation. We have went to battles since the civil war as well, and we continue to serve "our country", so pardon my confusion with your version of the truth. Give us the facts Jerry, not fake video bias garbage like this fake picture.

Comment by Jerry on April 10, 2014 at 10:14pm

Melvin, I can  see that your mind is already made up so I will no longer attempt to confuse you with the truth. I served my country and today I still suffer much resulting from my service.

Comment by Melvin on April 10, 2014 at 8:55pm

The last President to be wounded in office was President Ronald Reagan, do you think it could have been because of his politics Jerry? Of course President Obama needs additional protection and so does most black men living in America. Black people were murdered if they learned how to read or write a single word or a sentence for many years in this country. We were regularly hung by the neck till dead, beaten by mobs and individual White slave owners and their young children till dead. Blacks were the subject of traveling seminars designed to teach slave owners on how to destroy a human being and create a "nigger". Read the Willie Lynch papers Jerry! Learn how Willie Lynch and countless other slave owners murdered, injured, incapacitated, terrorized, raped, divided and sold mothers, father, sisters and brothers. A young black man was hung in Texas just a few years ago and in all of my years on earth I have only heard one white southern man actually admit that he (and the majority of mainstream Americans) had to make a conscious and continuous effort to combat his racially bias upbringing and I applaud his honest  admission of what we all know. Yes Jerry the secret service is working hard to keep the president safe but its not because of his policies. America is financially more stable now than it has been in quite a few previous Presidential administrations. Jerry we know what your'e really saying!

Comment by Melvin on April 10, 2014 at 8:16pm

One of the main problems that I have experienced with mainstream Americans is the tenancy to believe that black people in general (and black men specifically) are always guilty. Accused (or not), by anybody, (including by other black people) we are guilty of something and we are never given the benefit of doubt . Now this picture of President Obama is obviously a fake and in fact it is titled a "fake video" but Jerry you still state that "this could be Fake..." And then you go back to your (racially) oblivious position that you have not been conditioned by skin color! Next you present this idiotic logic about President Obama's White relatives, his half black and half white origins and how this makes him Islamic!!  What in the name of the Creator are you talking about? A large portion of the slave population ( recently freed) in American was constantly raped by their self proclaimed White owner/ overlords. Many black women have had mixed children and were most forced upon them during those terrible years of slavery in America. Now  Jerry, science tells us that brown eye is dominant and blue eye is recessive, therefore it would take countless generations of blue eyed genes to recess the dominate (black) genetic material in everyone's  DNA.  And yes Jerry, President Obama is definately a black man. But Jerry what you are also suggesting is, that a large number of black people kidnapped and enslaved, including the blacks that were already living here before the first Europeans arrived, are also of Islamic origin and that just isn't true. Because in actuality Jerry, Islam is a religion and belief system not a race.  But Jerry, since America was founded on the principles Freedom of religion etc. etc..  everything that you are implying demonstrates just how racist you really are. But it occurs to me that you can't even see you own racist attitudes and Jerry your'e not alone. This type of thinking is prevalent here (in America) and that is one reason why you can't see beyond yourself. So keep spouting off your racist views because you will probably never realize or admit that you are truly skin color bias in the worst ways.

Comment by Jerry on April 6, 2014 at 4:09pm

This could be fake and probably is but there is a small chance that it is real. The problems concerning the President has nothing to do with his skin color but with his basic education from an Islamic elementary school. He is not all black but he has close "white" relatives. So that makes him part black and part white and essentially Islamic. With the things that has been revealed about his documented actions is a very serious concern for ALL Americans who love the U.S.A. One thing I can say about one government agency, the Secret Service, is that they are doing a fantastic job of protecting Mr. Obama.

Comment by Melvin on April 5, 2014 at 1:56am

This disrespect for the first black President of the United States of America has been happening since he began his campaign, all throughout his campaign, and during his entire tenure as President. People please don't be fooled, it's due to the fact that a black man has  won the highest office in America that these kinds of racist propaganda cards are played. Hey jerry this looks like some of your work!!!!

Comment by Melvin on April 5, 2014 at 1:47am

Well, "Jerry" that is their prerogative and when and if it does happen  your lies and deceitful services will no longer be needed. So thank you but we don't care what you've heard, that still doesn't change who he is and what he has accomplished....."jerry"

Comment by Jerry on March 9, 2014 at 9:39pm


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