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Alot of girl they put picture they almost with out cloth, or with bra & pant..
Please one of you can you exsplane for us what that means to keep picture nicket in this site? What do you think of your self?

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I really like to answer your question because i added models picture in here too,

The reason i added those Ethiopian models picture is because i am so proud of them. if you don't want to see those hot pictures just don't, :D

This is free Ethiopian social network that means we can post Ethiopian models picture. Don't go and check my picture if you i am wrong.
HI mulatu astatke
I am asking the girls those they show the pictures OK

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Man let me tell you one thing...freedom of expression is abused by people like you if u r the one who posted those nude pictures....Freedom of expression should be understood in a way that it includes responsibility....I guess we ethiopians are a long way off to understand freedom and democracy....So don't give me that crap that it's a free social network responsible....I wonder in what direction your 'free' nude pictures leads teenage youngsters who frequent this site just lookin' for someone to talk to and understand them.....I wonder how 'Addis Ethio" doesn't have a policy towards posting trash pics.
HI mulatu astatke
I am asking the girls those they show the pictures ok
It has been my question too. I ask some of my friends the same question and they told me, being naked is not a 'shame' any more in this generation. They name it "to show the beauty". Yes, it is a beauty no body can deny that, however, as an Ethiopian we should have limitation. Western ppl have no religion and culture to respect. That is the reason why, they are depend on their bodies beauty. If they don't have the perfect body, they have no confidence and self-stem. The same thing is happning to us right now. When i see the beautiful naked young girls, i see luck of religion, i see luck of culture, i see luck of self-stem and i see luck of self-respect.
I mean "lack" not luck
i think it is because they wanna flirt on boys. they know their body is beautiful so we men will see and be come turned on. thats the possible reason i think. because our girls beauty is not their being naked. they were beautiful when they were wearing and they will be beautiful if they wear now too. so i love ethiopian girls i apreciate their being decent. sweet and beauty. but it is not because i saw them, it is just because ethiopians are more beautiful with their traditional clothes. sorry if i am wrong. but i want our girls decence
You all peoples are so fucked up! asmasaye becha new yalew, I know you spend your half time on internet just by watching sex video and seeing hot Ethiopian girls body. but now you complain like you don't want to see. go hide or get the f*** out if don't want to see our Ethiopian or Eritrean girls beauty. I am so happy that our girls are that hot and model. also i am happy if they kept post hot girls picture here.
:D Don't be asmasaye and be your self. :P
Hi dawit just talk about your self ok because if u stay all your day watching sex video that if you like it ok for u. but not all of us. I think it is better for u to think wel before u write. any how my quetion it is for the girls the one they put they picture ok .
if u want to say ...................... take for white people before every thing only the good things ok.
hey dawit i don't think you understand every situation which is happening. i think you are comparing our girls with the wetern or other countries abroad. but it is not like that. this shows that you can not like our girls and models when they wear clothe. believe me if your girl friend or your sister wear nothing and walk with you or post it here infront of the page, you know how you can react. you know they look beautiful but you don't want others to look at them. you want to protect them. our girls are more beautiful than any other girls from abroad countries and the reason is their decence. they are shy, smiley and untouchable. you know even their silence also has beauty. but it is now being destroyed and as we can see we can not find a beautiful girl if she did not take off her clothes away.
i think you like girls a cording to what they have rather than what they are.
our ETHIOPIAN girls are sexy not because they take of their clothe but its natural to be sexy. no one get birth with being sexy.

you all are funny ......... none of you answered that question  

let me ask you question why did u saw the naked picture in the first place 

and that's because you can or you want or choose to  see the naked picture

isn't it  

and those beautiful girls can or want or choose's to be naked  

and i think they all look beautiful,sexy and hot with or without cloth 


and one think dawit ohh GOD WHAT A JACKASS  cant just say ...I know you spend your half time on internet just by watching sex video and seeing hot Ethiopian girls body.  u dont even really know one just told as where you spend your time   other ways how could you think something like that  


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