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Happy News! Breakin news Mengistu Hailemariam died of massive heart attck today

According to the news from zimbabwe national tv report, the former bloody dictator, mengistu hailemariam suffered massive heart attack yesterday and rushed tohospital in Harare. He was already lost his conciousness by the time he arrived. In an effort to revive him the doctors put him on life support for 24 hours and latter he was pronounced dead at the hospital .
Details are being expected as a lot of mourners are being fled to his residence andhospital

Mengistu Hailemariam has Died at the age of 75. Born on May 21, 1937 Mengistu was a father of Three children, Tilahun Mengistu, Tigist Mengistu and Andenet Mengistu. Lt. Col. Mengistu Haile Mariam (born 1937) became the head of state of Ethiopia and chairman of the ruling military government after a 1974 revolution deposed Emperor Haile Selassie. He was also the head of the central committee of Ethiopia’s Socialist Workers Party. Mengistu resigned as head of state in 1991 and fled into exile in Zimbabwe

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And now he will stands before the one who knows him best!... May G-d have mercy upon this man's soul, It seem's it's now time, to answer up about what good he did on in this world,I just hope he has all the right answers up to "The One Who Knows Us All" -Bill

Kedada Means in Ethiopia hole ,he is hoch poche

Can we be friends? And will you add me to your contacts?- Bill

   Great news the butcher Mengistu Hailemariam lost for ever

  His mindless and illitrated followers will fed up and I can give them condolence. he passed away.\

 I am not a religious person but if there is hell and heaven where is his place. The killer of so many Ethiopian youth in the name of Red terror. 

Shut the f*** up Tekue ,Idiot

have you seen how ur leader MELES died???? I think u need condolence!!!!!!! He is been trying to develope our country not by sense of dividing rule, its by unity!!!! HELL for MELES and HEAVEN for MENGISTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You seem so much EDIET of talking zis!!!!!!! EDIET for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To me it is not a GOOD NEWS !!!! Rather  it is better if he see the well being of ETHIOPIA !!! unfortunately if its true we lost HIM!!!! 

Rest in peace to our lovely president Mengistu Hailemariam

Oh my GOD it is not A good news we all know that he kills many youth people in the name of red terror but if some body asks why it all for its wish to do his best for his country unknowingly that he may change in different perspective. May he REST in PEACE   

u mother fucker! what kind of mind do u have u beach ass? he was a great leader in ethiopian history. even his work was appritiated by his oponanets like meles.


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