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Ethiopian Singles Habesha Girls in America, Why Ethiopian women in America are so easy to date?

Ethiopian Girls in America, Why Ethiopian women in America are so easy to date?
I have been in addis ababa but addis ababa girls are not that easy like Ethiopian in America.
I just want to know why

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I think Ethiopian women in America maybe one step for ward they know what they need .
To be easy & simple if u call this forward what is backward for u?
It is not just abesha girls................for every girl america,Guys r in short supply. And most of all, it is real hard to find a committed guy like abesha guy in usa!!!

Maybe that is the reason they want to come to the United States of America because they want a man who is not traditional Ethiopian or other African national. Even here, many men who are adult by law have a lot of growing up to do and to learn how to respect themselves and others.

Tradition it's the proud of one country & people if u understand so don't try to disrespect Ethiopian& African nation. I wanna remember u, ur under black African hands.

I do not have any disrespect for the people of any country which includes all the nations of Africa. But in most tribal areas of Africa the women are considered to be in a lower class than men. There has arisen many women's groups to counter the anti-women sentiment of the ruling men. One of the complaints is that  many women are being physically and sexually abused by men including GIRLS under the age of 18 being sold to men and many are being sold to elderly men. Now in some countries of Africa women are being granted equal status by law and now have the right to go to court in an attempt to stop a husband or father from harming them. What I have been telling you is not some thing that I made up. First of all, I have known many African students who come to a large university that is located in my town in the state of Missouri. Also, I have become friends with other Africans who are female. Even the testimony of some of my male African friends have disclosed that women in most African countries have not been given their lawful human rights. The very special Ethiopian woman of the Amhar tribe has stated there are very few opportunities for women in her country. I have heard and read statements of others who plainly stated that few opportunities exist for women in their particular country. Also, as in Ethiopia, many women turn to prostitution or were forced into it as a means of supporting themselves and some times their children. South Korea, in its history, had a similar view of women. Having girl babies was a disgrace because during this time in their history boys were wanted to help the parents work their farms. During this time, the girls were often sold to pimps to bring in money for the pimp. Currently, that situation is well on the way to being stopped. Women in South Korea are slowly being viewed as being equal to men by the government and by the larger companies. What I have written here is not an opinion that I formed without actually knowing any African people. This statement is based on the testimony of many Africans that I have either read or heard. Also, in Ghana a man can have more than one wife which is illegal in a majority of countries of the world. In Viet Nam there is a cultural divide that pits the southern Vietnamese against the northern Vietnamese. But as the male population rapidly decreased in number because of a war, women were sent out to take on the combat duties of the dead men. I must add that some of the comments of some of the men who are on EthioSpot has earned my contempt as their words indicate that they view women ONLY AS SEXUAL OBJECTS. Of course, a woman's appearance does "capture my attention to them" but if that is all a woman has to offer then she is on the same level of these despicable males. Intelligence of a woman is very important, especially, when she has a marriage relationship. I could say a lot more but there are some chores I need to do.

Good reply Jerry I've been to Ethiopia 6 times already an what i've seen is life is hard on the women.  They work about 16-18 hours a day taking care of the family and working. Whilea good majority of the men just hangout in the streets with their buddies trying to hustle.  Ethiopian women in America are enjoying freedoms they don't have in Ethiopia and The women in Ethiopia are bup under so much pressure from  family when they leave Ethiopia be it USA or any other country they enjoy their new freedom most Ethiopian men don't like or can handle these women who are now stronger.

I dont think so but i guss to extremely Habessa womens who live in America most of them came from "Geter" they are new for this kind of relation. secondly, they need help most of them they dont have confedence...and so on anyways yemetawen mekebel newe
They are easy because ethier they wanted to have fun like u do guys or they are eger to find love and have a family ok.

One Ethiopian lady that I know is going to school so that she can have a better life than she can in Ethiopia. She also wishes to help her family when she completes her education.

i don't think so man i had bunches of them back home easily here it is not easy bcs they are busy dealing with their day to day life and there is the impression men will play them and besides it is not a must for her most of the here are independent.
i hate you and your add. frist, learn how to spell Ethiopia.. i am sure of it!! you are not Ethiopiawi..i read all your add..yr add is all abut hate Ethiopia and its ppl. espcilly the must be gay. you are jelous of us preiod. the only thing you do is make Ethiopian women cheap... we are not cheap!! we don't sleep around like you guys say... yes!!we are beautiful, decent and lovely... we go to school, we do have job and we help our family back home.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! you stuipd moron. leave ethiopian women alone. talk about something else. there are a lots of issues to talk about. abunch of liers. you guys learn to resepct women.


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