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I have a friend who live in Dubai and he told me there is alot of Ethiopian prostitues in Dubai.
and i just wonder why and how there is alot of Ethiopian girls are hooker or prostitues in dubai.

ethiopian prostitutes in dubai

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yes that is true cause i live in dubai now and there are a lot of them but the big and the most important question that we all have to know is that why this girls do become prostitutes? that i think becouse of there family life menas most of us we know are poor and most of this ladies come by just taking some money or borowing some money from others and we have to return back and it is not as we hear in the radio or from others that it is like this like that and the reality when we came hear is different so most of them do it to help there families that is what i think
I don't think it's good idea to be prostitutes just to get money, you can still get money if you work ekow.
is there any means or stability to work hard and got money in our country ???? i don't think so, a man who have let's say 5 family members with Phd, he earns 1500 birr and bought 100kg of Teff in 1000 birr,how come he and his beloved once can servive in such a terrible situation????
I agree with you the girls like the lifestyle and even when offerred an alternative they prefer the money and life prostitution gives them. See my experience over eight years click here.

Link update click here

So you can say that they are lose and morleless whore, who rather spend 3 hours laying on their back being fu^^ to any one who pay. Hope, these lose and cheap bitches  do not get arab disease and get half breed arabs  

true. but some people would rather spend 2 hours per day on their back, than 8 hours doing some other job. Also be better to be a hooker to rich tourists and workers than a maid who may get kept in the same way as slave and raped.

sometimes money does look like the root of all evil.

will sad...

What a lame excuse. Every poor woman should become a prostitue because that is the only way to get money? There is no excuse for prostitution period.

After all, they making a living who are we to judge them. Live your own life adamme
don't u feel man ? r u not ethiopian? its a great lose if u think like this!!

from where u r


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