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One day a Ethiopian  died  and went to heaven. When he got to the pearly gates he stopped and asked St. Peter..." St. Peter, all my life I've wanted to know one thing and nobody has been able to give me the answer. " Saint Peter said, "Well, ask me. I'll probably be able to help you. "The Ethiopian  said, "O.K. Am I white  with Black  stripes...or Black  with white  stripes?"

St. Peter scratched his head and answered......"Gee, I really don't know the answer to that one. Why don't you come on in and ask Jesus. He's just standing right over there. He'll know the answer."

So, the Ethiopian trotted over to Jesus and said, "Jesus, there's something that I've always wanted to know and now that I'm dead and in heaven, maybe you can answer my question." "I'll sure try," said Jesus. So the Ethiopian asked him the same question that he had asked St. Peter. "Am I white with Black stripes...or am I Black with white stripes?" Jesus stared at the ground for awhile, shrugged his shoulders and said, " I really don't know the answer to that one. Why don't you go over there and ask my Father. He will surely know the answer."

The Ethiopian trotted over to the throne that God was sitting on and approached God. "What do you want?" God asked. The Ethiopian asked his same question, "Am I white with Black stripes...or Black with white stripes?" and immediately God answered..."You are what you are!" in a booming voice, and waved him away.

The Ethiopian was more confused than ever and walked slowly back toward Jesus... shaking his head in disappointment. Jesus stopped him and said, "What did my Father say.?" The Ethiopian told him that God had said, "You are what you are!" and that he still didn't have an answer to his question. "Well!", said Jesus, "you do have your answer! You are white with Black stripes!" "How do you figure that?", questioned the Ethiopian , looking confused. Jesus replied, smiling, "It's easy. If you were Black with white stripes, He would have said, "You is what you is!"

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i am not abesha but i am oromo i can not jokes in amharic

u dont even know what z d/f b/n oromo and habesh ? may be u r a victime of eprdf or crazy

It is writen for you in English language and in Latin alphabet. The point is... can you understand anything? And ''you can not jokes in amharic'' ha ha...

abo zeregna dedeb neh OBO daniel

u idiot oromo habesh aydelem? tebab astessaseb atsbek eshi

What is the point of this joke?
i agree i don't get it
i am Ethiopian so i am abesha but the jock impresize
Brilliant Joke Dave and I have understood it. But take care not to joke with the name of the Holy God ! The consequence will cost much !
i dont get it!!!!
its so boring.


 Well, it's funny for me how many didn't get's this.....this a joke of white people implying that God is white and He used the white people's grammar....if God was black He would have said you is what you is cuz that's how black people use the English..........anywho, I agree to what food fighter's not wise to use God's name in vain and I didn't say that the Bible did..take care...


 that remonds me of a joke,....a riddle it goes....


 How do you know if a white blond  has been using the computer before you ?


did you get the answer........I guess not....


answer goes : there is correction fluid all over the it ?



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