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Ethiopian girls like any guys white, black, yellow but must have money right?


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I wounder if you haven't got money, how will you meet your woman needs? The concept is that the man has to be eligible to take care of his woman. I think in this life there is nothing for free. For example; If your girl is hungry for a sandwitch and even you can not afford it, tell me why should she hang out with you? But you need to have indicators which measure your woman's eggo to possess items.

Try to find out does she really love you or she loves your money, let her undergo some tests like pretending that you are financially broken and see if she will go or stick to you?

Defintelly there are girls who are very material, they dont care about human relations but about penny.
Money rules the worId baby, but, it's very unfortunate.
I can only speak for myself. But yes I will date any man, but prefer to date Ethiopian men. By this I mean that if you put 2 men side by side who are the same in looks, personality, and money.. but only 1 of them is Ethiopian, I would pick the Ethiopian for cultural reasons.

With men in general the first thing I see is looks. I can only guess at whether you have money or not by the clothes you wear or the car you drive (if you have a car), but won't know the truth until I get to know you better. In getting to know you I learn about your personality.

When I chose a guy it is his looks and personality that will attract me, but when it comes to me deciding if I have a future with him I look for money. Or at least to see if he will someday have a good job and can provide for a family (I don't see wanting a secure and stable future as a bad thing).

So 'yes' money is important in the long term, and 'yes' I would date any race of guy, but a caring succesful cute ethiopian man will always be my number one preference.
dina your is good but you talk about ethiopian guys even u talk about ur self any way i know many ethiopian girl they dont have ethio men .ok but some time the girl say it its beznes not love
I know some girls that have married non-habesha in order to leave the country or to get money.. They will stay with the guy long enough to become a legal resident in the new country or until they have gotten enough money, and then they'll leave him for a habesha guy.

But on the flip side, I do know a few (no many) but a few girls that will not date any habesha guys.
Well , that is not true at all dina (at least according to the situation in my country-sudan) cuz my grandma is ethiopian ,grandpa and her got married before 1956(independent day),since that time till today she didn't do any thing from what u mentioned above at alllllllllll. despite of she is a rich woman cuz she has alot of properties and real state in khartoum and omdurman.
Also i have friends in sudan from ethiopia and eriteria (men and women), and they r very good ppl and i like them very much. but i strongly believe ethiopian galz do not do that at all .
All sudanese say that : if u loved an ethiopian girl married her she will be faithful to you cuz she respect her self
I don't think all girls like that and i see a lot of Habesha girls they don't date out side Habesha .not all of them .
I can sympathize with these girls.

My family would go crazy if they thought I was going to marry a non-habesha guy, and they would be mad if they found out I was even dating one. So it would be easier for me to stick with habesha guys to avoid the drama. But if I can't find a good one for me (that is not already taken) then what can I do?

Other girls just may have so much habesha pride that they refused to date any outside the culture. I don't see anything wrong with that either. People should be able to have their own personal preference.
helo dsm @dina ur talk its nice but not in realty ok dont be sure .ok i want aske personalty to dina where you live now ? dsm i think u dont know about habesha
Hey Yasin here is my point always there is a Positive and Negative black and white and Evil and Angel (we can't say all girls) .
thank you
I live in Addis. And what do you know about anything if your sudanese? The question is not about black arabs. You ask about ethiopian girls and then don't like the answer ethiopian girls give you. Not my problem.
hey dina i think ur angery u know why ? now you talk about black arabs pk any am from sudan u know about it let this one what ethio girl give me no problem if i want i wil get it ok i like ethio people u dont know that and i have girl from ethio and many frind we are from africa ok . dsm sure not all thanx my frind but u know i meet too much ethio girl i think there are the same


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