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Does Ethiopian have pron video sex? I am still confusing about this, i saw 3 ethiopian pron sex video but i just want to say this is so Fucked up

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I did post the site of an Ethiopian p*** womEn taking it in every hall they have. But someone pull it. so it seems. I guess, let us just pretend that some losers of a high school drop out dummy, do not have any other way of making the money. Beside, they figure, why should I get it up for free, while, I can make money and at the same time become an actress and become famous. :D
no matter if ethiopia haves porno sex e.g i am ready to do this.if any body volunter well come.
they should have......why not?
it has never done/made that kind of video inside ethiopia.. those individual that u saw in the p*** video they don't represent the ethiopian culture, beside they lived in western world it's a shame they do that there is nothing u can do about that. just stupidity play them. that's all i can say!
look guys i don't know what to say but i found about 5 Ethiopian sex clips but i don't think there is a website or anything
Why not?
if Ethiopian girls are wants to do so
f*** u. min yansenal.
share the site if u have any p*** of ethiopians
that is an awful.....i know it can never and ever made by Ethiopian people.
hi kidus hailu :P :P :P
I am sure, those damn women, who could not successed using their brain and makes a decent money might be gravitated ti such kind of easy money making using their body. I cannot see the difference between a whore of the street to that of pron, who get bangged by as many men as the script demand.
i dont know i now ethiopan have agood culthers. did you belive it.


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