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Why don't Ethiopian Men And Women Lick girl's p**** And Suck men's D***?

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I could see most of the comments pointed out by both Ethiopians and Foreigners about the sexual interest of Ethiopian women. The comments given by the foreigners and Ethiopians are very different. I realized that the foreigners are blaming Ethiopian men because they licked and were licked. Let me ask you a question. With whom are those foreigners have sex? It's clear. When they come to Ethiopia they do have sex with prostitutes, street girls or on call girls and then they generalize that Ethiopian women do everything on bed. We are not discussing about those women. We are discussing about the general population of Ethiopian women. As many Ethiopians discussed on this forum, Ethiopian women are not into licking and sucking because of our very conservative culture. The young girls of these days are very lucky at least they are not circumcised and have better sexual interest thanks to the cultural revolution in that line. Some of these women are free to do what they believe in as they are very confident. Generallly, most of the Ethiopian women are very conservative and even they don't like different sexual positons and they like to stick to the man on top traditional position. No compromose! You foreigners please don't write what you don't know.
Please don't make assumptions about "foreigners".  The conservative culture does not extend to honest behaviour towards those who try to help them.

as people differ their color also girls differ in their sexual activity bc the thinnest are very active but the fattest are some weaker than these relatively....all in all ethiopian ladies are very hot and active in sex with out the tension of the culture of the country.

I would assume so as long as you arent paying for it .. meaning .. if it iosnt meaningful in some way .. just forget about it .. its just as 'pleasant' as all the other "paid' services...
this question do have any value?
kind of deep on the girl
they ar so boring some times i sleep on top of them while on sex.. for real!! they need to be on top and sheck it, go down and suck it, bend over and take from behind and more!!!
mmmm yes they are very hot
i dont know
Most Habesha are highly religious and that is considered improper and unclean!
In general women are good at sex. I live by the old tale ... that all sex is good sex. ( It is certainly better than having NO sex.) With a woman, she must have feelings for you before she can let herself show true, uninhibited, and unrelenting sex.

One of the most handsome of my friends cannot get much sex because he shoots right for the p*ssy. He says he is playing the odds. 1 of 10 will give him sex. He may be right. But he has missed out of some good women in the other 9. He went after a very smart and beautiful Ethiopian women, Hanna, who liked him. But he spent no time with her, other then asking for p*ssy. Of course, she refused him. Not becasue he was unattractive or lazy or slouthful, but because he had a one track mind. By the way he worked everyday and was quite ambitious. Once he asked her about her family and her life. AND she found him considerate and caring and he became her joy, I think she cared about him all aling. She gave him the killer smile and made herself more beautiful then ever the next day. We all worked together and saw each other daily. Unfortunately, he went right back shooting for sex. She did not respond with sex. He was disappointed and began attack women in general, fretting about how women are stuck up, only want money, never give him sex, and so on. I told him, you are her joy, go back and talk to her like you did yesterday. I do not know how things turned out, but I could see she would resond to him when he treated like a thinking, breathing, alive person.

To get a women to point of sex you must show her you care about her, by helping her around the house, being present when she needs some one to talk to. And very important, is what Jesus said "we must carry each other's loads". Afer you help a women with her load, he attitude changes. This is when sex is not reqeusted. She (may) loves you, she will give herself freely. Help her with her chores, wash with her, clean with her, help her keep up her car. Ask her about the things of everyday life. The sex will flow.
just yuo try sex ethiopia women enjoy rally sex...


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