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Why don't Ethiopian Men And Women Lick girl's p**** And Suck men's D***?

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ppls are started ....u don't?
some of tehm re good some of them re not because they re scare of losing varginte
no they good at sex
They do u might didnt get nothing yet lol!!!!!!
stupid question! go to school moron!
Well I can say that Ethiopian girls are very sexy & reach my satisfaction. Sexiness comes with confidence. I believe that Ethiopian ladies feels about themselves in a way that makes them killer beauty.
Habasha girl very sexy if you got the prober key to turn her on it is a matter of exchange feelings between man and women. If you did not feel that she is good in bed do not blame her and check yourself first.
I agree with you man
i agree highly sexy and smart
and also wana be sexy with......u
they do that it all up to the two on how to do it or if they will do it wash up before you do it then it would be fun
oh yes is we got `circumcise and gentle and carrying man  yes we are
minm ayelum


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"you are too nasty and immature about our culture of sex which is full of hidden mysteries "
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"هههههه قول والله....... هاك النجمة دي ههههه ولد دا!"
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"استغفر الله يا هذا هل انت من قوم...؟؟"
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